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Enabling unsecured creditfor people and businesses
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What we do

We develop powerful machine learning based platforms to help people and businesses access better unsecured credit online.

The current economic climate is forcing people and businesses to manage financial challenges they’ve never seen before. Businesses require credit to fund their operation and merchandize, while consumers need the flexibility to get back into a proper budget. While the essence of personal and business credit is different, both share critical fundamentals; The credit needs to be available for the borrower at the time of need and the process must be transparent, safe and simple.

WCL group helps lenders, banks and brokers build and provide any form of unsecured credit for businesses and consumers.

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Our Brands

Abaton logo grey
Abaton logo
A personal line of credit - controlled by you
The Abaton gives customers access to a revolving line of credit with credit limits up to £500 for new customers and up to £1,100 for existing customers. Repay only when you can afford to, with no minimum or maximum repayment restraints. Once accepted into The Abaton, you never need to apply again.
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Cashfloat logo
A better alternative to payday loans
Cashfloat, our flagship brand, was founded in London in 2014. Operating as a direct lender, Cashfloat allows customers to apply for loans between £300 and £2,500 and get funded within just 1 hour. Unlike traditional payday loans, Cashfloat’s short-term loans are repayable in instalments - making them far more affordable and manageable.
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Cleverly logo grey
Cleverly logo
The UK’s first interest-free overdraft facility
Cleverly Credit gives members access to a virtual monthly budget of £25,000 that they can use instead of banks overdrafts or expensive loans. Instead of being charged interest, customers pay a flat-rate membership of £7.99 a month.
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Business loans logo
Business Loans at the click of a button
Since 2020, Cashfloat have been offering small business loans to help businesses secure funding of up to £100,000. Businesses can expect the same simple and hassle free process as our short term loans.
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PaydayBadCredit logo grey
PaydayBadCredit logo
Loans for people with poor credit
Launched in 2018, PaydayBadCredit allows people with poor credit to apply for loans between £300 and £1,500.
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QuickLoansExpress logo grey
QuickLoansExpress logo
Quick payday loans for emergencies
We started QuickLoansExpress in 2015 as a brand focused entirely on fast payday loans for people who need them quickly in an emergency. Loans range from £300 to £1,500 over 3 to 9 months.
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PeraLoans logo
Online loans personalised for OFWs
Pera Loans was introduced in 2015 to address the unique credit needs of the Filipino community in the UK. Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) can apply for small loans between £400 and £2,000 with the peace of mind that comes with choosing a trustworthy lender. PeraLoans is renowned for its friendly and safe service.
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We have already helped over
people get access to safe, affordable and flexible credit online

Nothing is impossible

With over 80 years of combined experience in systems development between our team members, we believe nothing is impossible. If you can imagine it, we can make it happen. From Loan Management Systems to Lead Funnels, Cybersecurity tools and beyond, we’ve managed to design the most comprehensive technology to bring a new edge to unsecured credit lenders in the UK.

Our Technology

Western Circle is proud to be at the forefront of the fintech revolution, developing cutting-edge technology to constantly improve the status quo of the business and finance world. We harness the power of artificial intelligence to create dynamic systems that can completely change the business and lending world. Our ground-breaking data-based technologies are the top in our field, making online lending platforms easier, safer, and more manageable for both lenders and consumers. Step into our lab for a minute and experience the powerful difference of Western Circle technology.

Our Technology
Unsecured Credit Platform

The market complexity forces people and businesses to manage financial challenges they never saw before. Businesses require credit to fund their operation and merchandize while consumers need the flexibility to get back into a proper budget. While the essence of personal and business credit is different, both share critical fundamentals; The credit need to to be available for the borrower at the time of need and the process must be transparent, safe and easy. We call it a proper unsecured credit.

Our Technology

If your financial business is online, then you can benefit from SIMS technology. SIMS is a powerful tool to gather, process, and interpret website data for Search Engine Optimisation purposes. Its all-encompassing structure includes link-checking, article ideas, task assignment and management, keyword analysis, and competitor research and analysis. This comprehensive system is designed to analyse your website from the inside out so you can maximise your strengths, reinforce your weaknesses, and consistently top the Google charts.

Our Technology
LMS- Progressive Loan Management System-Eloan

Our Eloan technology is a one-stop dashboard for an online loan company. With this powerful and effective system, you can easily keep track of applications, funding, collections, complaints, and communication. The Eloan dashboard makes it simple to stay on top of many moving pieces and run a clean and efficient online loan business.

Our Technology
Expert Decision Engine

This revolutionary data-based technology utilises artificial intelligence to sort through hundreds of applications and categorize them accordingly. It decides based on multiple factors which loan applications to decline automatically, which ones to pass on as a broker, and which ones to send through to the underwriting team. The beauty of AI is that it gets smarter as time progresses. This means that our systems are constantly improving their decision-making abilities to make your job easier.