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Client Service

Client Service


At Western Circle Ltd, Customer Service Excellence is the heart and soul of our organisation. Our aim is to offer the highest standard of service to accommodate the requirements of all our clients. Our system was developed by our engineering team to strive and perfect the way short term loans are treated in today’s ever changing market place. Western Circle Ltd endeavors to keep their clients credit records as clean as possible. Our loan amounts as well as the time periods are calculated based on our advanced affordability matrix system to prevent illogical allowances.

We believe that our service has to be customer focused to alleviate any distress and concerns regarding any potential future financial difficulties. Therefore, all our team members have been fully trained not only on our business products, but they are also able to advise and assist with any queries that may arise before, during and after the application.

Western Circle Ltd has made it the heart of its business culture that Customer Service Excellence will not only be of a high standard but it will continuously improve. For this reason, we carry out constant research that indicates what is a priority for our customers, with particular focus on better ways to deliver our product with timeliness, holistic information, with the highest professionalism and the correct staff attitude. We always try to make sure that our customers understand the product and it can be easily defined whether our loans are the correct product for them. Moreover, the fundamental value of our business is to treat our customers fairly. Therefore, emphasis is also placed on developing customer insight, understanding the customer’s experience and robust measurement of service satisfaction. We would like to ask all our clients to help us improve our service with their comments and input.

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